What began as an event series known as Brunch and Slay helped spark the flame you now know as B A S Media.

In two thousand sixteen, our founder and CEO Ameerah Saine was on the hunt to connect with women and foster relationships that would encourage partnerships and collaborations. She wanted to bridge the gap between mainstream media and women-owned businesses. 

After careful consideration, she launched Brunch and Slay, a digital platform and event series created to help women from all backgrounds connect, collaborate, and thrive in business and life.

Her experiential events quickly developed a cult following and name in the female-empowerment space. After partnering with several top brands, Ameerah knew that it was time to put her 15 years of marketing and sales experience to work. She created B A S media as an arm of Brunch and Slay to complete the journey she started and to provide brands with an agency with the pulse on the voice of today’s generations.

As a veteran, African-American woman, and business owner, Ameerah knew that there was a void in the digital and experiential marketing space. B A S Media lends its voice and experience to brands to help them create life-long partnerships, engage with existing customers, and anticipate the wants and needs of customers to come.


We use market research and data integrations to make your brand relatable to ensure that your messaging and initiatives reach your target audience.

We tap into key influencers to expand your brand’s reach.

We tailor your content and messaging to connect with your audience on a personal level. We transform your brand and make it stand out by focusing on relevant and fresh content, which prevents content fatigue.

We’ve partnered with the best:


Tapping into key industry influencers and creating brand-specific content, events, and installations, we’ve impressed our clients with single-day sales growth of over 35%.

When working with Visit Dallas to increase their membership and build brand awareness among minority businesses, we saw a 5x multiplier on minority membership and engagement.

Focusing on content, engagement, and perspective proved that consumers valued interactive experiences and social content. Building marketing plans that incorporate both have proven to be 10x more effective than traditional digital campaigns.

We focus on connecting your brand with the right influencers, eliminating guesswork, and leveraging relationships turning existing customers and partners into modern media companies.

How do we make it happen?

We start with your audience and build campaigns with an audience-first approach.

  • Increasing engagement
  • Fine-tuning your ideal audience
  • Creating one of a kind brand messaging
  • Identify new opportunities and partnerships

We leverage today’s technology to eliminate failing content and quickly execute campaigns for you, shortening lead-time and decreasing overhead.

How we can help you?


  • We identify your ideal audience and build content and market just for them
  • We find out where they live and what matters to them and educate them as to how you will meet their needs


  • using real-time monitoring
  • pre-approve all content
  • Coordinate and manage affiliate marketing campaigns
  • using KPI-driven campaign tracking
  • track all campaigns end-to-end


  • provide real-time access to campaign content in
  • email reporting and insight with monthly marketing summary


  • Curate branded experience boosting engagement and product awareness
  • Identify ideal events and platforms to partner and collaborate with
  • Create nurturing email campaigns to build brand voice and awareness post events


MBE Certified National Minority Supplier Development Council 

HUB Certified Business Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program