ITSO Vegan


With the aim of introducing the brand to the market and growing its new customer base, BASM designed a striking new website and strategized a social media and influencer-focused campaign to increase brand visibility.

Social Media

To further boost brand awareness, ITSOVegan needed a social media campaign that would cater to their audience and increase engagement.

BASM first identified the most efficient social media, closely monitored and analyzed engagement, then managed and built out all of the restaurant’s social media pages, leveraging Pinterest as a means to share unique recipes and exemplify celebrity vegan experiences.


  • Built 10k+ following on Instagram
  • Boosted engagement by 400% across platforms
  • Crafted timeless graphics portfolio
  • Increased following by 47%

Influencer Marketing

Brand new to the DFW vegan market, ITSOVegan wanted to spread brand awareness and foster local, long-standing relationships. BASM spearheaded an influencer campaign that would position ITSOVegan as a standout in their industry.

Identifying key influencers in the area equipped the brand with an immediate, highly visible community that would broadcast BASM-crafted content and copy on a strategized schedule and cadence.

Results (Influencer Marketing)

  • Increased sales by 30%