As the top grocer in America, Kroger wanted to better align their brand offerings with the demands of the female empowerment movement by emphasizing their support of the women-owned suppliers who stock their competitive organic food line, Simple Truth.


BASM executed an experience that would leave attendees feeling educated, inspired, and wanting more. 

Interactive Experience

A pop-up brunch highlighting the McBride Sisters’ full catalog of wine and meals crafted with Kroger branded food provided the perfect backdrop for educating influencers. We integrated influencer marketing and speaker-likability to create a day-long, uniquely curated branded experience.

Event Planning

To increase brand awareness in the self-care and women’s empowerment space, Kroger partnered with BASM to coordinate and host two impactful, immersive experiences: one that would integrate their Simple Truth organic food brand and another that celebrated select wines from their partnership with organic, woman-owned winery, McBride Sisters.

To promote Kroger’s Simple Truth line and its mission to provide healthy living and eating to the masses, BASM crafted a wellness day packed with Yoga classes, reiki healing, and organic facials designed by clean beauty brand, Tata Harper.

BASM coordinated an event for Kroger with the aim of making them an ally to woman-owned food and beverage companies. We coordinated an educational brunch experience that involved nationally-recognized industry keynote speakers, top Kroger executives and key Houston influencers.

Results: 15% in wine sales in Houston market

Digital World

By hand-selecting the event’s attendees, we ensured that our digital foot-print would surpass expectations. We integrated the entire experience by leveraging all the featured brands’ social media to share unique perspectives from each account. We used this opportunity to introduce new followers to each brand by showcasing the values that mattered to their core audiences.