Lewisville, TX is located predominantly within Denton County, with a small portion lying within Dallas County. As a suburban community within the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, the 2020 census tabulated a population of 111,822.

The City of Lewisville engaged B A S Media to undertake a comprehensive branding initiative and deployment plan for the Lake District, a transformative development project. The City sought a qualified consulting firm with expertise in conducting extensive market research encompassing qualitative and quantitative methods, formulating strategic plans, and crafting corporate identity and branding solutions, including logo creation and graphic standards development.

Additionally, B A S Media was tasked with conceptualizing and executing creative marketing strategies and providing recommendations for effective deployment and result tracking. The overarching aim was strategically positioning the “Lake District” as a unique and compelling destination, effectively resonating with its target audience and fostering widespread recognition and engagement.


We evaluated the Lake District’s image by identifying influencers and ongoing issues, analyzing stakeholder impressions, changing negative perceptions, assessing marketing strategies, targeting audiences effectively, influencing key groups in Lewisville, and providing specific recommendations for improvement.

Our approach involved:

1. Identifying key success or failure factors

2. Understanding stakeholder perceptions

3. Collecting recommendations to dispel negative perceptions

4. Evaluating brand enhancement strategies

5. Recommending high-return target audiences

6. Suggesting ways to turn influencers into advocates

7. Assessing the impact of messages on audience choices

8. Recommending actions to enhance the Lake District’s image

9. Identifying areas for focus and improvements over the next five years


B A S Media employed a comprehensive and multifaceted strategy to address the unique challenges posed by the Lake District project. We initiated the project with rigorous market research, combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gain profound insights into the target audience and market dynamics. Leveraging these findings, we crafted a robust brand strategy encompassing brand positioning, personas, and a distinctive brand voice, ensuring that the Lake District would stand out amidst fierce competition.

Our expert team meticulously designed the brand identity, including creating a captivating logo and comprehensive graphic standards. Recognizing the absence of existing marketing materials, we developed a comprehensive deployment plan spanning creative, collateral, interactive marketing, and promotions. Throughout the project, we emphasized tracking and measuring results, utilizing data-driven insights to refine our approach continuously. Our agile and adaptive strategy was focused on effectively communicating the Lake District’s unique value proposition and resonating with the target audience, all while adhering to tight timelines and delivering outstanding results.


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