As the founder of B A S Media, Ameerah takes pride in crafting and creating content, events, and connections for brands.

Through curating uplifting content and experiences for women through her brainchild Brunch and Slay, she discovered a disconnect between consumers and brands. Since 2016 Ameerah has helped brands connect with their ideal customers and provide life-long impressions.

With over a decade of sales and marketing experience, Ameerah is no stranger to meeting and surpassing goals. She uses her love of community to help her clients find their voice and forge long-life relationships with their ideal customers.

Ameerah is an award-winning marketer, veteran, and businesswoman based in Texas.


  • Goal Setting and the power of milestones
  • The Big Pivot- Pursuing your dreams fearlessly
  • Podcasting Power – Building your brand and connecting with your audience through podcasting
  • Leadership-The Sheppard mentality owning your role as a leader and thriving in business
  • Female Empowerment #WeBuildWeWin- the power of sisterhood and collaboration
  • The power of experiential Marketing-people will always remember how you made them feel.


Less like a podcast and more like brunch with your girlfriends, the Brunch and Slay podcast inspires every Tuesday! Host, Ameerah Saine, chats with women who are disrupting their respective fields – from CEOs to health gurus, filmmakers, consultants, this podcast is full of successes, fails, resources, and inspiration. The BAS podcast has everything you need to start carving your entrepreneur path to become a true Disrupt(HER)!


Honoring What I Have and Where I Am w/Ariane Turner

In a candid conversation with block-buster makeup artist Ariane Turner Ameerah finds out what it takes to develop a thriving career in film and television, all the while staying true to her life’s purpose of helping women feel good about themselves.

There is a Trademark for that with Andrea Sager

After discovering the gulf in representation for small business Andrea Sager created an à la carte legal practice that helps small businesses have affordable representation. Ameerah dives deep on the importance of representation for small businesses.

Enjoy The Growing Pains w/Tiffany Aliche

Tiffany Aliche did everything she was supposed to do. She saved, invested, and prepared for her financial future only to end up in thousands of dollars of debt and unemployed. So what went wrong and how’d she fix it? She’s explaining the lessons she learned from falling and how her future has changed for the better.



Every time I listen to Ameerah and her guests I learn something new! They talk about everything – finances 🙏, health, blogging, marketing, etc – it gives me a true sense of community. Thanks Ameerah for opening my world to new ideas and perspectives!

– J loves Overdrive

Love your witty style!

Thank you so much for having me as a guest on your show! Your witty style is refreshing. You show offers the audience a magical place to land!


Inspirational & Thought Provoking

Brunch & Slay is one of my regular and favorite go to podcast! The topics are amazing and I always learn a great deal from each episode. Start listening regularly and you won’t be disappointed!

-N. Malene


Ameerah Saine and Building Communities Through Events “If one particular area is disenfranchised or is misrepresented, then it’s my obligation to speak up and say something,” with Ameerah Saine of Brunch and Slay. Ameerah is also part of the Luminaries series, a PCMA Ascent initiative, which seeks to promote inclusion and diversity across the business events industry.

How to Become the Center of Influence Through Podcasting While Brunching

“You need to be consistent; listeners are tuning in because they want to hear what you have to say, they come to rely on you if you don’t consistently publish you will lose your audience,” with Ameerah Saine of Brunch and Slay.

The Social Impact Heroes of Social Media

Don’t be concerned with other people having ideas or platforms similar to yours, just like there are tons of hamburger restaurants; there are tons of people working to make a difference,” with Ameerah Saine of Brunch and Slay.

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Ameerah Saine is not only a veteran, but also the creative genius behind her movement, Brunch and Slay! Watch and listen as we talk about her most pivotal decision at 18 years old that has shaped her life, what came to a halt at the age of 26, and where she is now! Her story is one of guts, commitment, self-leadership and BRAVE!

Meet Ameerah Saine: Founder of Brunch and Slay Digital Creator

Conversation with Ameerah Saine, found of Brunch and Slay and Digital Creator.

Ossa Featured Podcaster: Ameerah Saine, Host Of Brunch And Slay

Ameerah Saine is a marketer, founder, connector, and podcaster. Her podcast, Brunch and Slay, is a part of her larger platform of the same name, and the common mission is to unite and empower women with the tools they need to succeed in all areas of life.