Polish Up Your Brand and Marketing Without Polishing Off Your Bank Account

Concerned about the high cost of branding and marketing your business? Don’t worry, we got you!

The Bento Benefit

We recognize all businesses need a marketing plan to stand out and expand their social reach, but not all of them need the custom bells and whistles that come with an extravagant agency price tag. And that’s where our BENTO packages come in.

We designed each package to provide the low-cost, impactful branding and marketing services you need to expand your visibility and attract more buyers.

From crafting an engaging content marketing strategy to flooding your brand with visually-appealing graphics and serving up targeted messages that speak to the hearts of your audience, we deliver the services you need to excel in business.

Why Bento?

Magical Service Packages

Exclusively for Small Businesses


Branding and marketing are a vital part of your business success, and we’re here to make it easier for you to hit (and even surpass) your business goals.

To do so, we’ve curated service packages 


That include the expert-level support, step-by-step guidance and paint-by-numbers templates necessary in boosting brand awareness, promoting your products/services and pulling in more revenue effortlessly. And that’s truly the magic of what we do!

Ready to leave a lasting impression on your audience and boost your company’s bottom line?


Select one of our branding and marketing packages that’s right for you (and your budget), so we can help you do precisely that.

How do I do this?

Choose your service

Give us the details

We will make the magic happens


Laying the foundation

I could use some help

$ 997
/ 4 interest free payments
  • 3 Social Media Banners (Choose from the 6 SM platforms)
  • 10 Social Media Posts
  • 3 Highlight Covers
  • Brand Tagline​
  • Email Signature
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Finding the Rhythm

I need it all

$ 1997
/ 4 interest free payments
  • 6 Social Media Banners
  • 10 Social Media Posts
  • 4 Highlight Covers
  • 3 Email Templates
  • 3 Email Signatures
  • 1 Branded Reel/TikTok
  • Capability Statement
  • Press Release Template
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Level Up

Lets raise the bar

$ 2997
/ 4 interest free payments
  • 6 Social Media Banners
  • 10 Social Media Posts
  • 4 Highlight Covers
  • 5 Email Templates
  • 6 Email Signatures
  • 1 Branded Reel/TikTok
  • Capability Statement
  • Press Release Template
  • A 10-page Branded Presentation Template
  • Logo Design (2 options & 2 edits)
  • Branded Custom Sticker for IG Crafted
  • Social Media Bio
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What they said about us

Have any Questions?

We have answers!

What is Bento?

Bento is our marketing service designed for small businesses! We offer a variety of packages perfectly portioned with our suite of expert creative services for your marketing needs.

Are these prices real?

Indeed they are! As a small business ourselves, we understand the trials of affordably growing a loyal customer base and want to provide small businesses with the accessible, yet top notch services they need to flourish.

Do I have to make a full payment to start? (payment plan/ find a site to use)

Not at all. We offer flexible payment programs to keep installments on track for everyone. Click here to view our payment plan options.

How does this work?

First, you’ll want to view each package’s offerings and decide which is suitable for your brand’s needs. Then all you have to do is simply select an offering and upon payment, we will reach out and get the ball rolling!

How long will it take?

Depending on the selected package, the entire creative process can range from 30-60 days. Regardless, we will keep you updated with recurring progress check-ins and share samples of current deliverables for editing purposes.

What if I want to request edits?

You can absolutely do that! We are more than open to hearing your feedback. We will be checking in throughout the creative process to make sure that we provide your brand with a superior, customized product.

What if I need all of your services?

If your brand needs more of our marketing expertise, then you can find more information by visiting https://basmedia.net/ or contact us directly at info@basmedia.net

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