As a technology company in the auto collision industry, asTech® had to find its voice in the saturated vehicle diagnostic space. Although their technology was unique and surpassed their competitors’ offerings, the public was unaware of their USP.


Curating a memorable experience that would increase pre-launch sales and generate buzz around asTech® innovations was our central goals.

Event Planning

asTech® knew they needed to make a big impression when they made the investment to participate in the SEMA Trade Show, North America’s largest auto show. BASM was tasked with the responsibility of creating a memorable, larger than life experience that would leave attendees wanting more.

Our team redefined the “booth” experience by organizing a real-time diagnostics auto test and composing a curation of asTech branded digital screens that educated and showed off their latest innovations.

Insider opportunities were presented to select guests three to four times each day to be escorted by chartered commercial buses for a first glimpse at the company’s most cutting edge robots and technologies.


  • Event achieved 3 press features in prestigious industry publications, boosting pre-launch sales by over $2 million
  • Secured the brand’s position as a top innovator in the auto-diagnostics industry

Laying the Foundation

By focusing on asTech’s patented technology, we created a 13-month marketing planning which solidified their presence and place as the industry leader.


  • Built media relationships with top industry publications
  • Crafting their brand guide
  • Launched a YouTube series
  • Redesigned and managed the launch of a new modern website
  • Managed all social media platform
  • Oversaw and managed brand reputation
  • Produced marketing content
  • Created and managed employee recruitment campaign
  • Managed customer testimony campaign
  • Managed trade show booth design and addressed press
  • Crafted and released monthly press releases
  • Managed SEO and SMM marketing efforts
  • Launched asTech TV

A Buzz That Matters

This aggressive plan:

  • Increased brand reputation by 40%
  • Aided in the recruitment of 400 new employees
  • Boosted companies reputation as industry experts
  • Launch speaking careers of key C-level managers
  • Increased site traffic by 62%

Designed a Trade Show booth for SEMA, the largest auto show in North America