About Brunch and Slay

An already established brand, Brunch and Slay was looking for a refreshing touch-up and collateral to support its growing podcast. We worked with the founder to create a unified look and feel for its website and graphics.

Podcast Production

Editing, posting, creating supporting show notes, and posting cadence helped Apple recognize the client as a top business podcast.

Building a solid plan for supporting episodes, guests, and repurposing content proved to be the perfect storm for growth.


Growing the podcast’s community was key to our strategy development. BASM focused its efforts on strengthening digital engagement and generating wider brand awareness.

Social Media:

Brunch and Slay had the content—all it needed was more visibility.BASM identified which social platforms best suited their audience and built their following across Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


  • Grew Instagram following to 11K
  • Engaged over 15 million users
  • Increased open rates by 75%, surpassing the industry average by 150%
  • Generated over 50 million social media impressions