Company Introduction

EpicCentral is a 172-acre park located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex off George W. Bush Tollway (Highway 161). Reflecting innovation and community investment, EpicCentral is home to the Grand Prairie Public Safety Building, Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark, the Summit Recreation Center for adults 50 and over, The Epic, PlayGrand Adventures—an all-inclusive playground, dining, and entertainment venues.

Amenities include five lakes, a grand lawn, a boardwalk, and paid sites for future retail opportunities.

The objective of the company:

In 2021, B A S Media Partnered with PYRO to create a new Brand Strategy and story for EpicCentral’s Brand Vision, Brand Positioning, Brand Personality & Brand Affiliation to target their audience as they manifest to be a Top 5 destination in DFW. 


EpicCentral has everything to offer: from an indoor waterpark nominated for Best Waterpark Families in DFW Child’s Best for Families Reader Survey to Arts & Recreation and Grand Prairie Parks in Texas, it’s worthy of being on anyone’s bucket list.

But some of the challenges they were facing included:

  • Identifying Customer segment personas
  • Lack of New Brand Strategy Concepts
  • Prioritizing features to identify the greatest draws
  • Identifying the most persuasive Brand Strategy


PYRO and B A S Media developed an experience-led strategy using what makes EpicCentral unique. We did this by delving deep under the skin of the EpicCentral, immersing ourselves in the lives of the people and culture.

The EpicCentral Brand Strategy started with:

  1. Logo Refinement We incorporated creative ideas of color and icon exploration.
  2. Image Assessment Research We coded, documented, and launched our resident survey, then added it to the questionnaire.
  3. Brand Activation Workshop — We had a day-long workshop with key stakeholders and fine-tuned the brand messaging and personality.
  4. Tagline Review To make EpicCentral’s tagline more memorable and appealing, we adapted it to follow different style rules and gave it an independent identity from EpicCentral’s Logo.

This formed the basis of our strategic storytelling for EpicCentral and positioning as an experience-first destination.

Together we went the extra mile to understand the place better. Because of this, we were able to build a strategy and brand story for EpicCentral that not only reflected the desires of future travelers but also resonated with the EpicCentral community itself.

Consistency, Conviction & Connection led to the development of a Brand Strategy that helped uncover common ground among its visitors and instill an emotional connection to Texas and beyond. B A S Media & PYRO achieved this by focusing on distinct talking points. 

We wanted the message to target the essence of a traveler’s dream: Unbelievable attractions, Unforgettable memories, Unlike anything out there

Social Media Channel

After careful consideration, a digital audit, and extensive competitor analysis, we identified, conceptualized, and created a social media strategy plan that would focus on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook as the top social media channels for the organization.

We used a value-based approach providing a practical, logical, organically-driven, and paid engagement. This approach established connections and ultimately a solid brand value, which created a bank of insight that we leveraged to better inform customers and enhance their decision-making.

In addition to the multi-platform development, our team created marketing tools such as animated graphics, video, and infographics to best present EpicCentral’s offerings.

We set out to educate current and prospective patrons of the offerings, improvements, and new venues coming to the upcoming entertainment district.

We used a mixture of static images and short and long-form videos to consistently engage and connect with the audience.

Social Media Result:

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Overall Results:

Our collaboration with EpicCentral initiated a long-term strategic shift in identifying the most influential Brand Strategy above and beyond its destinations. The Brand Strategy and story are to be used in future marketing and embedded in all aspects of the organization.