TITAN Realty Group

Ready to boost their brand awareness and expand their team. Titan
Realty Group partnered with B A S Media to solidify their messaging,
connect with realtors seeking a new agency, and be seen as a leader in
the national real estate community.


BASM worked with Titan to build out their customer base by rebranding everything from web design to social media.

Website UX/UI

We designed a website that showcased agents, industry know-how and highlighted our client’s experience and expertise with a blank slate.



After establishing brand guidelines, we focused on solidifying the brand’s presence across social media and curating collateral that helped our clients reach their goals.


  • 250% increase in social media engagement
  • 18-month content strategy plan
  • Timeless portfolio of branded graphics and video
  • Brand identity guide that informs future creative decisions

Brand Guide

As an ever-growing agency, our client wanted to add structure and guidance to its onboarding process for new team members. We established processes and guides to assist the client as they implemented standards to their team.

Social Media

Titan was seeking a central brand message that loyal and prospective customers alike could connect with and support.

BASM crafted a cohesive brand narrative and guide that would inform social media content and cadence, enabling the realty group to build the brand loyalty needed to grow a substantial customer base.

Social Media Art